Pole Business Owner Studio Solutions Coaching (Pole B.O.S.S Coaching)

A business will not grow until the owner grows, and we are on a crusade to spread and deliver the knowledge, programs, and systems that produce results for thousands of business owners a day across the country.  When a business owner needs help, there are few avenues they can turn to.  PFIC Canada has options for you.
Who Does Pole BOSS Coaching Suit?

We are often asked, 'who gets a coach?' And the easiest answer is, 'anyone who wants to win.'

Small to Medium Sized Pole and Aerial Fitness Businesses

Small to Medium sized business are, and always will be, our primary market. The very reason BOSS was created was to empower, educate, and coach the owners of these companies to create a business that gives them MORE life, and save them from a business that controls their lives. Our clients in this area are determined to achieve a TRUE business, as defined: A Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, that Works, With-out ME! We help and coach these clients to reach ‘OWNER’ level. These clients primarily engage in our one-on-one business coaching program, although several also start with a business training course, to keep on track. Contact us to discuss options.

Start Ups in the Pole and Aerial Fitness Industry

By far the most common sentiment we get from our small and medium business owners is: ‘I really wish I had known all this back when I started my business.’ When we hear the stats that 80% of all businesses will fail – it’s completely obvious. Of course they will, there is absolutely no required training, learning, or certification needed to start a business – the decision to proactively learn the best practices is completely up to the new owner. The start-ups who begin with us, want to defy the odds and do things right the first time by learning from others mistakes and not their own. Contact us to discuss options.

Franchisors and Multi-Location Businesses in the Pole and Aerial Fitness Industry

Sometimes we are brought in to help get a business prepared for franchising or opening another location, and sometimes after such move has been made and we are engaged to give the new franchisors or location managers the best chance at success of the start. A thorough manual of all systems and procedures is not enough to ensure the success of your new locations and franchisees – they are likely entrepreneurial in nature and need focus and accountability to keep them striving for their goals, we can provide an external source of this coaching. Contact us to discuss options.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs in the Pole and Aerial Fitness Industry.

The best way to get the courage and confidence to start your own business is to learn about how to grow a business. Not research the technical aspects of the business you wish to start (like most do), but truly study the habits and best practices of ‘how’ businesses grow. We have people with ambitions towards business ownership using our business planning tool, accessing experience and information, as means to get their focus set, and education started. Contact us to discuss options.

Alena has coached, trained, consulted with, and facilitated events for over 500 businesses/clients since 2006. And, in the wake of helping improve and grow each of the clients we have worked with, she has been helping ignite local economies by being directly or indirectly responsible for creating over 300 new jobs in Canada in that same time frame.  As one of the longest standing individuals in the Canadian Industry, Alena Downs has created the hand many pole studio owners have taken, learned from and succeeded with.



FREE 1 Hour Coaching Session with Every Package ($200 Value)

With a business coach working with you to put together a sustainable plan to grow your business. 1 and 2 hour sessions available.  Packages of 4, 6 & 12.  Emergency Services are also available.

Help With Problems & Great Advice

Let us know what you need help with and we will get you on the right track to success. We will also give you tips and pointers to get your business optimized to its full potential.

Flexible Sessions Available

We can conduct all business session regardless of your location, we can schedule a call on Skype or over the phone.