Who We Are

Pole and Aerial Fitness Instruction Commission of Canada (PFIC Canada) is an national pole and aerial dance for fitness commission with the mandate to lead ethically sound instruction and leader training, delivery, and promotion in association with other stakeholders, through a leading-edge national instructor and fitness leader development program that provides for instructing within a broad context of fitness leadership based on the needs of the participants, from start to finish.

PFIC Canada is committed to growing the pole and aerial dancing industry for all to benefit from – students, teachers, studios alike, by setting a minimum standard of information and safety.


To enhance the experiences of all Canadian pole and aerial dance for fitness participants through quality programs, competitions, workshops and events.

PFIC Canada believes:

That pole dance for fitness leads to individual and community growth:

  • The significant benefits of Pole and Aerial Dance for Fitness should be accessible to individuals throughout their lives. It helps Canadians lead an active lifestyle that positively affects their health.
  • Pole and Aerial Dance for Fitness provides the means for individuals to learn dedication, discipline, perseverance, strengthen character, and develop self-confidence.
  • Pole and Aerial Dance for Fitness brings people in communities together and can be an element in strengthening social interaction, and professional networking.
  • Instructing is a fulfilling experience because it creates meaningful and lasting relationships with participants, other instructors, and pole community, and provides opportunities for personal growth in fitness.

That a good instructor is the primary influence on the quality of a participant’s pole and aerial dance for fitness experience:

  • The commitment and contributions of those instructors should be recognized and celebrated.

That competent and ethical instruction is essential to a safe and positive pole and aerial dance for fitness environment:

  • Earning public trust requires instructors to meet established standards for safety, ethical behaviour, and competency.
  • Standards allow individuals to identify and select competent and ethical instructors who will protect the physical and psychological safety of participants.

That instructing requires lifelong learning:

  • Instructors continual education improves the ability to meet the needs of participants.
  • Instructors have a responsibility to continually learn and use the most effective means of working with their participants.

That instructor education demands collective effort:

  • Instructors and instructor education benefit from partnerships within as well as beyond the pole and aerial dance for fitness industry.